SID Media’s sound engineering, audio post, and music department feature 4 soundproof studio suits. With the use of the best of X32 Behringer Digital Mixers created to change the game of digital mixers in the industry hence far, With the use of the latest technologies in-studio and pro tools software for the creation of magic. Served with 2x audio post-production studios and 1x music production studio, let’s talk about the quality headphones we provide for our artists and our team at work.

Now where the magic happens is in our music booth, our studios are cross-compatible from session to session with fully kitted sound rooms for the capturing of every performance nuance, with the provision of our “SHARE” cordless mics for high-resolution audio now giving you what one may call the crème da le crème of condensers for our radio lovers. Now SID Media makes the dreamer dream, leaving the hard part to SIDmedia  as we make your dream a reality with our Sound Engineering, Audio Post, and Music department. A team that is Resilient, Authentic, Excellent, filled with  Integrity & Accountability” now that’s quality.  


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