SID Media Distribution Channels are 24/7 platforms that are set to uplift inspire and bring hope to our world at large. Current Channels of distribution are HOPE CHANNEL AFRICA and AWR WORLD RADIO which cater to religious program lovers and church content.

SIDmedia was founded in 2004, with the need to join the rapid global expansion of the Hope Channel. Which has been our distribution channel then since, we have been intentional about developing creative content in areas of Gospel music, children and youth, health, family, and preaching that has been able to excite our viewers with the bible truth through the use of our distribution channel HopeChannel Africa. We have produced programs for HopeCHannel Africa. We are blessed to see our content reach the amounts of people it has reached effectively through media evangelism.

Our concentration is not only on TV but also on radio and the internet producing 30-minute programming 24/7 daily for the Adventist World Radio keeping to the goals of the station. Reaching individuals in hard-to-reach areas.

Amongst our channels of distribution SIDmedia provides you with an online platform “SIDmedia TV” in partnership with Crossflix Plus which gives you access to thousands of inspirational television shows, movies, and documentaries and is one of the best places for adults and kids to get Christian educational content. Crossflix Plus presents itself as a Christian alternative to Netflix. The difference, however, is that it has the largest collection of family and faith films.

We are a production company that does not just speak but acts on its mission and goals. We are SID media your religious production media house of choice in Africa.


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